The home is your own, and the decoration is of course in accordance with your own wishes. Your own personality can be magnified in this private space, which can make the space full of personal characteristics, but also make you feel happy and fulfilled. The interior wall decoration painting can beautify the home environment and bring a different feeling. Therefore, the process of purchasing is very important, and the appropriate decorative painting can play a role in adding room style and finishing the room.

The decoration of interior decoration paintings should follow the atmosphere of the room, the pattern and changes of the surrounding environment, combined with the style and preferences of the owner, and the decorative paintings with different effects of decoration may reflect the unexpected artistic conception. The simple living room style with modern oil painting will make the room vibrant, and painting without frame is the first choice. European and classical living rooms choose realistic oil paintings, such as portraits, landscapes, etc. It is best to add embossed frames, which are more magnificent and graceful.

If the space wall of the interior painting is rectangular, we can choose the simple combination of decorative paintings at the moment. For the combination of decorative paintings, different placement methods and spacing can achieve different effects. Stairs can be used along the stairs. The trend is placed, and it is a good choice to design irregular decorative paintings. Of course, some areas can also be semi-circular according to the style, and you can also make a fuss on the screen. Space blanking is also needed.

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